Posted May 12, 2012 by William Dunmyer in Top-Rated

The Avengers: Best Thing About it is The Hulk

“The Avengers” is fairly shallow, but it is written, directed, and acted so well that you can’t help but be swept up by it. It’s a lot of fun. Particularly impressive is the comic banter between the characters, where they make fun of each other’s foibles.

But there’s no denying that after it’s over you’re not left with much to think about. In this sense, I find it a bit depressing. “Thor” and the first “Iron Man” went deeper, examining the things with which the characters were struggling. “The Avengers” by comparison dwells pretty much on the surface.

The deepest moments to me were those having to do with The Hulk. Mark Ruffalo’s take on that character produces a surprising amount of pathos. If I mulled over anything in the 24 hours after seeing the movie, it was the anguish in Ruffalo’s eyes as he changes into The Hulk. That’s what haunted me. If there had been more such moments, “The Avengers” would have been a good film. Instead, it’s just a good popcorn movie.

Incidentally, this is Joss Whedon’s second directorial effort, after “Serenity.” He of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fame shows himself more than capable behind the camera. But he doesn’t exhibit exceptional directorial talent.

William Dunmyer

William Dunmyer is a lifelong cinephile who fell in love with movies at about the age of 5. He lives in New York City.